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Sublease Agreement Switzerland

Don`t try to put the wool on your owner`s eyes. You have the right to terminate your lease if you sublet without authorization or if you violate one of the terms of the agreed sublease agreement (z.B to charge higher rents than your landlord has agreed). As the principal tenant, it is your responsibility to ensure that the rent is paid in accordance with your main agreement. If your tenants can`t or won`t pay, you still have to pay the rent. This is an unauthorized translation of the Danish rental contract type A, 8th Udgave (form A, 8th edition). In the event of a disagreement between this translation and the Danish sublease A, the conclusion of a tenancy agreement is between the tenant and the subtenant, i.e. the tenant transfers the use of the rental property for payment of rent to a subtenant. A sublease of the entire rented property is only permitted if the tenant has the concrete intention to return in the near future to the subject of sublease. The landlord can ask the tenant when he will probably return to the rented premises. If the tenant refuses this information, the lessor has the right to terminate the tenancy agreement as a general rule or prematurely.

Partial subletting, z.B. subletting a space, is not time-limited. A main rental agreement can be entered into for subletting purposes, z.B. a retirement home rents a villa and rents rooms to its residents. Subletting may be permitted in general. Legally, landlords must consent before tenants can sublet their apartment. „In practice, it is not uncommon for people to enter into a relatively informal subletting contract without asking whether they need the owner`s consent,” explains Hans B-ttig, a lawyer and expert in rental law from Bern. Tenants who follow due process must obtain prior authorization to sublet a dwelling. A provision of Swiss rental rights gives tenants the right to sublet, so that in general no landlord could prohibit subletting. The owner of the property cannot immediately remove it from his tenant. 6 Instructions to complete the sublease contract Please read our „Tips and Tricks for Subletting” as well as the „Way to Sublet” section on our Point I: Contractors, Interlocutors and Colocs Page Complete the full address, phone numbers and addresses of owners, tenants and potential replacements.

If the subtenant does not have a stable address in Switzerland, it is recommended to ask for a copy of his identity card as well as the address of his employer in Switzerland. Please also include the name of each participant (except close family members) if you sublet your item to a subtenant found by UMS. This is important because UMS insurance only covers tenants and residents who are mentioned in the sublease agreement.